Mooring Hitch

Animated Mooring Hitch

Description — An underhand loop toggled to the st anding part with a bight made in the running end.

Use — To securely tie off a rope so that it can be quickly untied, especially a small boat to a dock or piling.

Comments — A secure knot that is easily tied or untied in wet or dry rope; when properly tied a non closing loop is formed, this allows the hitch to move up or down a piling as the water level changes.

  1. Take a bight around an object.
  2. Form an underhand loop in the running part.
  3. Place the eye of the underhand loop over the standing part.
  4. Pull a bight of the standing part through the eye of the underhand loop.
  5. Pull the underhand loop tight around the bight.
  6. Place the running part under the eye of the bight that was pulled through the underhand loop.
  7. Pull a bight of the running part through the eye of the standing part bight.
  8. Pull on the standing part to tighten the standing part bight around the running part bight.

Mooring Hitch steps 1 - 4Mooring Hitch steps 5 - 8

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