Web Site Awards Caveats

First... Thank You for Considering us

  1. This site is best viewed in 1024x768 or higher, with Firefox, Opera, Netscape 7+ or IE 7+. I've had to make some CSS hacks to get IE 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 to work properly, or at least close to properly. Please don't judge us on on the fact Microsoft doesn't follow simple standards. (Simple things like "Position: fixed" are not supported even though it's have been around since CSS 1.
  2. Is this Web Site Complete? No. It never will be; we are constantly adding to it.
  3. Every page on this website that was written locally validates under XHTML 1.1 Strict
  4. Please don't judge 3rd party generated code for validation. Don't you wish 3rd party software took the time to produce clean code? The following is a list of 3rd party stuff, everything else is pretty much us.
    1. The Gallery (Web Gallery Wizard) We are looking to replace the gallery with valid Xhtml but it's 12,000 pages so it's going to take a while and it's in our Robots.txt file anyway.
    2. The Games (Various JS)
    3. Contact Us page is Flash and Movie Page (Coffee Cup generated)
    4. The Sitemap (Google Sitemap generator)
  5. We painstakingly check for broken links, if you find any please report them to us.
  6. Thank you very much for considering our site. The Boy Scouts of Troop 780 are very proud of it.
  7. Please honor this sites robots.txt file. If you use programs like XENU to check for bad links, please add the following URLs into "Do not check URL's beginning with this". Basically it's our robots.txt file except for the last one, XENU doesn't handle referer links.


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