Scoutmaster's Award of Merit Requirements

Scoutmaster Award of Merit Knot


The Scoutmaster Award of Merit may be earned by a Scouter who meets the following requirements. The nominee need not be an Eagle Scout but must:

The following must be attached to the application form:


Shortly after the National Eagle Scout Association was established in 1972, it began to make available a NESA Scoutmaster Award. The award was presented to one Scoutmaster per BSA area each year. These Scoutmasters' records demonstrated proper use of Boy Scout advancement, and a significant number of their Boy Scouts attained the Eagle Scout rank. This award was discontinued on December 31, 1987.

The President of the Boy Scouts of America requested that NESA convert its award into a Scoutmaster Award of Merit which could be earned by all Scoutmasters. His rationale was that there is a need for recognizing a man relatively early in his work as a Scoutmaster, prior to his qualifying for the Scouter's Key.


The chairman of the troop committee has the responsibility of nominating the Scoutmaster on behalf of the patrol leaders' council and the troop committee.

The nomination is certified by the unit commissioner and forwarded to the local council service center.

Approval authority lies with the Scout executive and either the council NESA chairman or the council commissioner.

The Scout executive will forward the nomination to the director of the National Eagle Scout Association at the national office. The nomination should be approved by the Scout executive and either the council NESA chairman or the council commissioner.


A full-color certificate will be provided by NESA free of charge. A cost of $1.50 per certificate will be charged for a certificate with the recipient's name hand lettered. Payment should accompany the order. The National Eagle Scout Association will send the certificates to the Scout executive via pouch mail. A 3-week turnaround should be allowed if the names of recipients are to be hand lettered on the certificates. Those unlettered require a 2-week turnaround time.

A full-color, 6-inch, jacket patch, No. 5004, is available through the Supply Division.

A square Knot (white on tan) for the uniform, No. 5007, is available through the Supply Division.


The award may be presented at an appropriate chartered organization or unit function with acknowledgment at a district or council event or at a district or council recognition event.

Application Form


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