Scoutmaster's Key Requirements

Scoutmaster's Key Knot


  1. Complete Boy Scout Fast Start Training.
  2. Complete New Leader Essentials
  3. Complete Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training.
  4. Complete Youth Protection Training
  5. Complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.
  6. Participate in one supplemental training course either at a local council or national level.
  7. Conduct troop youth leader training at least three times, as outlined in the Troop Leadership Training.
  8. Participate as an adult in youth leader training by either serving on the staff or attending the Scoutmaster orientation session of the national youth leader training conference.
  9. Earn the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award.


Complete at least 3 years of registered tenure as a Scoutmaster within a 5-year period (can include the tenure used to earn the Scouter's Award).


At least twice during the three-year period, serve as a Scoutmaster of a troop that earns the National Quality Unit Award.


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